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Fossils of alien corpses were discovered in Peru.

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This statement is false. I searched the term "Fossils of alien corpses were discovered in Peru" and was met with a lot of articles that were mere speculations. According to The New York Times a ufologist who had a history of performing pseudoscience on television, claimed that these specimens were alien fossils from Peru. However, other scientists from NASA were rather embarrassed by such an evidently false claim. A 2021 study done by the Ktisis Cyprus University of Technology  showed that the specimens were combined bones from several different species, including the head of a llama. After research, it appears that this many credible scientists believe the claim is false and was only used as an attention grab.

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The part about NASA's reaction came from the New York Times article? Or did NASA put out their own statement on this? I like that you are able to debunk this with NASA -- but I'd love to see where this came from and learn more. I really like the info from Ktisis Cyprus University of Technology. The part about the llama head is very interesting.
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This references a lot of reliable sources, but could you link where you read them? I'm curious where you found that NASA was "embarrassed" by the statement.
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Was this the article?
I don't have a New York Times subscription so I couldn't read the whole thing, but it's the only Times article on the topic I found.
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This was a good fact-check with solid writing that helped me better understand that the claim is false, however I would link the article you found your evidence from.

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