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For your title, post the "main claim" — that's the main thing you want to figure out is true Example: Claim: Birds don't exist Then, give detail in your explanation. Copy and Paste the text of the post/article you want factchecked. And LINK TO to the page you saw the claim.
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Be respectful.

There is bound to be disagreement on a site about misinformation. Assume best intentions on everyone's part.

If you are new to factchecking, take some time to learn about it. "How to Factcheck" has some resources for getting started. Even if you disagree with these materials, they'll help you understand the language of this community better.

News Detective is for uncovering misinformation and rumors. This is not a general interest question-answer site for things someone could Google.


The title is the "main claim" that you're trying to factcheck.

Factcheck This: Birds don't exist

If possible, LINK TO to the place you saw the claim.


LINK TO YOUR EVIDENCE or otherwise explain the source ("I called this person, I found it in this book, etc.")

But don't just drop a link. Give an explanation, copy and paste the relevant information, etc.

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