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This was from a tour guide last year, but apparently rumors are allowed, so I'm wondering if anyone has any legit information about this.

I'm not asking if ghosts are real, I just want to know if there were actual sightings or some legend about a ghost that hangs out around a printer.

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While I was not able to find any information regarding haunted printers here at UIUC, I came across a couple articles on urban legends about this campus. Buildings such as the English, Lincoln, and Psychology buildings have had hauntings reported but the library seems to be the most "haunted" place on campus. Stories such as students getting lost in the main stacks and ghosts appearing have circulated.


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While it might not be directly answer the question, this is a great find and an interesting read. If the claim is just based off of something that a tour guide said, then there might not be any online evidence for it.
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This was a great find! Since its definitely hard to find concrete evidence on a subject matter like this, especially as a rumor, I think that your research into the subject is very helpful!

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