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Migrants coming into the United States receive more money each month than Americans on social security.

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This claim is false. According to Bankrank the average person on social security receives $1,701.62 and for this claim to be possible this means that billions of dollars would be dedicated to U.S migrants without any sort of program or notice of such fund occurring. Many people make false claims that the amount of funds an immigrant accumulates through welfare and SNAP without any factual backing and amounting to over that of the average social security is almost unheard of. The state of poverty and financial need in this scenario that the average immigrant must face is also statistically impossible.

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I like how you deduced that the claim is wrong based on the amount received by social security recipients. And you provided a source to back up where you got the average SS payment amount from. Good job!
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You did a great job explaining your claim! I used very similar information, but I got it off of a government website. Why did you choose this source rather than a government one?
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You did a good job explaining why this claim is false and providing the link which you used. It was also a good idea to provide exact numbers to prove that the claim is false.
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This is false... completely.

My main source and one that I will be referring to essentially the whole time as it is geared entirely against the OP's source. 


Let's start off with a basic fact, if Biden was to give 2,200 dollars to every single undocumented immigrant, then that would result in a payout of 53 billion dollars which is simply not feasible for The Department of Homeland security considering their yearly budget is 60 billion dollars.

I also find it humorous that the opening amount that the original source claims, in regards to social security checks, says "1,400" when a simple google search will show you that this amount is not true as it is actually $1,837. 

It feels redundant saying anything more as the article I found literally has "Fact Check" in its title, which makes this entire thing rather pointless so feel free to read the article yourself!

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I like how you explained your fact-check. The only thing missing is source links to support your claim, such as the social security checks data.
by Apprentice (1.4k points)
This factcheck is extremely thorough! Great job providing a link to your source as well.
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I enjoy the thoroughness of your fact check as well as how your source backs up your explanation. It is very easy to understand and comes off as very reliable.
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I think the fact check is very easy to follow along and the reader can make sense of why the claim is faulty. However, I think your fact check would benefit from more sources and also more trustworthy sources.
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You did a great job explaining your fact check through many different layers, and you were very thorough.
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This is a false claim. According to the Social Security official website: "Under current Social Security rules, workers who have immigrated to the United States are likely to receive lower benefits than natives. Because Social Security requires 40 quarters of covered earnings before an individual is eligible to receive any benefits, many immigrants may not meet eligibility requirements" (ssa.gov). If the basis is social security, the claim can not be made of all immigrants, because not all immigrants are on social security, only the ones who apply and end up being eligible. Is it possible that an immigrant can receive more money than a U.S. citizen? Yes, of course it is possible, but not likely due to the benefits of which U.S. citizens are eligible for. So the claim that migrants automatically receive more money each month than Americans on social security is false.


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I don’t think the claim is referring to social security payments given to immigrants since they aren’t eligible. I think the claim is saying government handouts given to immigrants amount to more than social security payments on a monthly basis. Do you still think it’s a false claim?
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This is a false claim because it says that migrants coming into the United States receive more money each month than Americans on Social Security. AP news claims that it is "False. People who enter the U.S. illegally are not eligible for federal cash assistance, with the exception of certain Cubans and Haitians, immigration experts told The Associated Press". This means that there is no legal way that the Biden administration is giving out money to migrants of the United States if they are not eligible for federal cash. Furthermore, Hearldnet claims "It doesn’t require advanced math to reveal how bogus this claim is. The monthly payment claimed by Boebert would mean at least $26,400 a year per migrant. The Center for Immigration Studies, which supports stricter immigration limits and a merit-based immigration system, estimates that at least 2 million migrants have been released into the United States under President Biden"—further proving why this claim is false.



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I wonder what Cubans and Haitians are entitled to financially as illegal immigrants? What did your source say about this? This is an interesting bit of information.

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